About Us

Hi there, Els here. I am Potato's owner. I am just a corgi enthusiast who started a Facebook page all about her dog. After a few months of posting, people started messaging me asking if I would ever sell "Potato Merch". I have always replied "probably not, but thanks for loving him so much!". I really didn't think I would be doing this, but about a month ago I received my hundredth request for "Potato Merch", and that last request lit the little fire that brought you here today. 

Potato is a 5-year-old (in 2023) Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He has loads of spunk and would play fetch forever if you did not make him stop. He was a gift from my husband during a rough time in our lives and he made me happy from the moment I saw him.

Potato was born with crooked legs because his momma had a lot of pups, and she was pretty little. They don't hurt him at all, they really just look cute, and make it sound like he 'thwomps' when he walks. He had to work a little harder than most pups do to learn how to run though. Luckily, he loves fetch and that helped motivate him. His cute little legs are what inspired the "Run Potato Run" Series. He never gave up, and now he is a very fast good boy. Potato has been a little ball sass since the day we brought him home, he knows his commands, but that doesn't mean he is going to follow them. Even though he is a very sassy guy, he really is one of the easiest dogs to love. He makes me and my family smile every single day, and I want to share that happiness he brings us, with all of you.

The Zen Corgi store is here to help you bring a little bit of Potato into your life. We have some awesome products that are sure to put a smile on your face.

Thank you all so much for your continued support, you are what keeps us going. Remember, Potato loves you just the way you are, we hope that makes you smile today.